There are too many IPL hair removal at home devices in the market, but which is the most suitable for you? Here we list detailed reviews for some IPL hair removal devices:



Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device

Described as the brand’s ‘most effective IPL’ within their range, this device claims to show results in as little as four treatments and be hair-free for 6 months. If you’re after quick results, this seems the device for you.

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Reviews from Amazon

5 star review


This is my first review and I’m leaving it because I am so happy with the results. It’s the only hair removal product that has really worked for me.

My details:

- fairish skin

- brown hair

- type of hair: if shaven, any area of my body will grow impressively thick, dark hair. Not the superpower I was hoping for

- silky legs feeling after shaving: about 5 minutes

- epilators give about 3 days hair free

- all hair removal a perpetual chore

Hence the review!

I’m just about to do my 4th laser treatment and purposely didn’t shave my legs in between the fortnightly sessions to see how much regrowth I was getting. All I have is a few patches of hair. I know this won’t fully stop hair regrowth but it is significantly and very noticeably reducing it. I have strokey legs!

Other info you might find handy: I use the highest setting (5) for all areas. The laser doesn’t hurt me at all and in certain places I don’t feel anything. I do get a slight pinging feeling on more sensitive skin. It’s easy to use but I did read the instructions thoroughly.


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4 star review


It works!

But if you’re buying this for

1.the intimate part it might not reach your expectations

It can't be used at a "darker" part of your skin, it means it only can be used at the bikini line but not the skin around the intimate part

2.Besides, it takes quite awhile to apply it on your legs especially thighs

3.Hair on your fingers, the skin on the fingers can't cover its whole mouth, and if the skin doesn't cover the light part of its mouth it will be lock itself for safety.

Anyways, it works really well for the armpits!


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3 star review


It is a big investment of both time and money using an IPL device. A magic wand it isn't. It's a bit of a long term project to reduce hair growth. That is what the IPL device does - it does not remove hairs. In fact you need to let hair grow so you can use the product, so it might be wise to buy it and start use a good few months before you need to smooth and hair free.


My daughter has been using this for about 5 months now as she has dark hair and white skin -a good combo. you can't use the product if you have grey hair, red hair or white blonde hair and if your skin tome is very dark. The product has a sensor which assesses your skin/hair and indicates what setting level you should use. You can use the device corded or cordless but on corded you can use the highers settings and get results faster. It takes a long time to do your legs the IPL light area is fairly small - just a rectangle and you need to flash it over each area. Also, it is not pain free at all in fact it is pretty painful (IMO) but if you are used to waxing and/or epilating I think you will be okay. It sort of feels like a tight rubber band hitting your skin. It is also a bit scary when you start using the device as I worried a bit over anxiously about burns etc. I would strongly advise starting on the lowest level of power to avoid skin irritation (be careful if you have sensitive skin as the instructions warn against use if you have eczema).


My daughter set aside a whole evening to do her legs and you need to do this every 2 weeks for about 4 sessions (2- 3 months) and then keep using the device every 6-8 weeks to keep down growth. She was quite despondent at first as after 6 weeks there didn't seem to be any effect but after the 2 month mark the hair on her legs was growing back finer but it was a pain not to be able to shave, although on a few occasions she did for events. She almost gave up but is now really glad she perservered . Five months on the results are better and longer lasting than epilation ( her silk - epil sits unused). Her hair is super fine and much more sparse. Be prepared it is a long term project. We have an earlier version of this device and this one is a decent upgrade (although more expensive) as the device has curved heads rather than straight which are better suited for getting in around the knees and the curve of the calves.


She hasn't been brave enough to attempt the facial attachment but is working on her underarms and bikini area. Using the device on underarm hair/skin is proving more painful than on the legs unsurprisingly. The bikini area attachment (same as one for underarms) is really only suitable for use on peripheral areas and not intimate areas in my opinion - so be careful. Also, I would point out that holding and using the device on the legs for long periods is quite wearing on the wrists and it might be a good idea to rope in a friend to help if you want to remove hair on the top part of the back of your legs. I'm not sure how long the device will last and if you can replace the batteries/IPL bulb. It may have a finite life.


I would think really seriously before investing in the device - I wouldn't buy it if you are unsure that it will be able to differentiate your skin and hair tone or if you have sensitive skin or used an epilator or had waxing and left a wreck. You have to really want to get rid of that hair to persevere and it's not a cure all - it will need maintenance and upkeep sessions or the hair will start to grow back more coarsely again.


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Reviews from Reddit

I got the Phillips Lumea Essentials on sale. It does work and I have seen a noticeable difference - less hair growth and some areas with no growth. Like others have said you need to be consistent - my main issue is that it’s quite fiddly and time consuming which made it hard to stick to the routine.


I have two IPL gadgets, one from Philips (Lumea) and one from Braun.


The Lumea one helped me get rid of the armpit hair, but nowhere else. I don’t know why, I used it correctly and have the “ideal” skin-hair contrast. The Braun worked way better, I don’t have hair on my legs anymore. It didn’t work on my private parts and only patchy on my arms. But overall I’m happy with it and just now lazy to continue working on it.


Also, the Braun one controls the impulse, so there should be no occasion where you can hurt yourself. The Lumea works depending which level you choose, so it can hurt.

Bikini line is now 1 month without a shave and is good. Arm pits were garder, i missed a region so will have to do that part again , but much less growth. There weren't enough hairs under the chin to be sure, but i am happy with that area. Legs are the most interesting, i used to do them every 4 to 5 days in summer, and every week in winter, I am now 4 weeks without a shave. They are not hair free, but the hairs that are there are fine and not problematic for me.


I will continue with top ups every week or so, think i will want a year of experience before i am totally happy, but what i have really is worth the money.

Reviews from Youtube

A video contains hair removal results

A video from a doctor

Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device

This device claims to perform a full body treatment in less than 20 minutes, aiming to reduce hair growth and prevent stubble and ingrown hairs. With a built-in skin sensor, it checks skin compatibility to ensure it emits the correct light pulse. You can also connect it to a specific app via Bluetooth, offering a calendar with a treatment plan and a light pulse counter.

Reviews from amazon

4 star review


It takes patience to see results. Directions say for the first 4 treatments to space them 2 weeks apart. (That’s 2 months total.) Then for treatments 5-7, these are spaced once every 4 weeks. (That’s 3 months total.) So overall treatment takes 5 months. — Then it’s recommend to touch up as needed after that.


I got this for Christmas, so I just finished my 3rd treatment. #1 Dec. 26, #2 Jan. 9th, and #3 today, Jan. 24th.


Results after #2 treatment: My legs look funny because patches of hair are taking to the treatment differently. There are patches of hair that are coming in finer and shorter. There are bald spots on my legs where the hair completely died off after just 2 treatments. Yay! And then about 70% of my leg hair shows no change at all. Growing thick and long, like normal.


I’m guessing each hair folical is at a different stage in the growth cycle. So maybe that’s why I’m seeing 3 different stages of hair growth on my legs.


I have also been using this on my embarrassing chin hair. I’ve been shaving my chin since high school! (I’m 39.) After 2 treatments so far, there’s been no change in my chin hair. My chin hair is dark and super thick. Ugh. I’ll keep going with the treatments and see how that pans out.


I use level 1, and do experience mild pain after using device. Pain goes away within 10 mins, and I do apply lotion after treatment as recommended. (That does help with the pain!)


I will come back and update this review.


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4 star review


So my review of the Silk’n infinity is coming at my third treatment in (6 weeks in). There seems to be a long wait time in between treatments so be ready for that. I’m a female dark skin/ black hair. My regular hair removal routine before Silk’n I would say is average.


I was a bit confused as to who can use this. I feel there was some conflicting information that you can’t use this at all if you have dark or tan skin or if you are fair with pale hair. I have dark skin with dark coarse hair. I’m not sure how much of a difference this makes I’m sure everybody’s situation is different. I gave this a try anyway.


The first areas I wanted to try were my chin and underarms. My chin gets those little stubborn thick hairs 10-15 that I’m tweesing every 4-5 days. After flipping through instructions and watching YouTube videos and reviews (there is a lot of info on this thing out there) I chose to download the app. I highly recommend using this with the app if you can. It has a schedule that’s easy to follow as well as settings recommendations. More about the Silk’n app later.


So I was pretty alarmed that you have to shave your treatment areas before using the Silk’n. If you have shaved before you know the hair usually will grow back more coarse and seemingly quicker. I usually shave the underarms which is a weekly affair. But my chin I have to admit I was mortified. Anyway after getting over it I shaved my chin and underarms. Once the areas was clean and dried I plugged in the Silk’n and opened the app.


Now the apps layout is you have the home page, schedule, products, how to, and settings. The ‘how to’ contains a pdf form of the manual you got with the unit (English instructions on page 48 - you’re welcome) as well a video link for the unit. You choose your treatment areas on the app when you are ready and it sets you up in the schedule.


Apparently the Silk’n Infinity is supposed to have a Bluetooth feature to connect with your phone but I’ve tried multiple times to no avail which makes me wonder what I am missing. My other gripe with the app is it doesn’t send notifications to your phone to remind you when you have a treatment.


Anyway back to the treatment. The app recommended I try the 1st setting which is the lowest. On my third, week 6, treatment I’m on setting 3. So it seems to go up each treatment. The most alarming thing that you have to get used to when you use this (besides shaving your face) is the flash is quite bright and makes a sound I would equate to an old school retro camera fitted with a light bulb. But once you get use to that you’re fine. The sensation is warm and pleasant, I noticed with the increase of intensity there’s been more of a faint tingle. But there hasn’t been any burns or pain.


At first I didn’t think that this couldn’t possibly work and I would have a beard that I was doomed to shave for eternity. But as weeks and treatments progressed I have noticed the hairs growing back thinner and slower. I do still pluck my chin hairs between treatments but only once a week opposed to the every 4 days I was doing it. My under arms have slowed as well I don’t even shave them in between treatments and wait until I shave them prior to the treatment.


I think this works great if you have the patience it will pay off in the long run. I gave this a four because they need to fix a couple of issues in the app and it’s not exactly clear who can use this product. Otherwise this is amazing and is working. The treatments are extremely quick you can complete the treatment of each area in under 5 minutes. Considering the areas are already clean, shaven, and dry. I’m looking forward to more treatments and swing more results.


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1 star review


BEWARE: Amazon's return period is about 30 days. You have to wait 2 weeks between treatments - so if you don't see results within 29 days of ownership - better return ASAP!

Well, I've had this for 2 months now. Thinking and hoping that this would work. NOPE! NOT even close. And since the window for the return closed, I'm stuck with this $400 equipment that's literally useless.


I followed the directions - shaved, spent an hour gliding the item along my leg and flashing the laser. Repeat every 2 weeks. No difference. So annoyed.


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Reviews from Trust Polit

Absolutely works, but expect it to take a while!

Overall, love my silk'n flash&go. I think many reviews that say it doesn't work didn't give it a fair shake, or took the "8-10 treatments" claim too seriously. No, many of us aren't likely to be hair free after that short a time frame! You can begin to see results in that time, but don't expect hairlessness.


I've been using my silk'n IPL for about 7 months or so, and there is SIGNIFICANT hair reduction (I'd estimate 80% in some places) but I'm not hair-free. My bikini line is almost fully clear, legs have hairless patches or grow back extremely slowly and thin in others, underarms are patchy as well. I used to get dark stubble on my legs after shaving the next day, now it takes over a week for re-growth to be even slightly visible.

I'm sticking with it, because I see consistent results and I expect that at this rate, I will be hair free eventually. I'm super happy to be rid of my bikini line, and absolutely would buy this product again and recommend it!


TLDR: Takes longer than expected, but totally works, well worth the money.

Product worked once and then refused to turn on. I called Silk’n and spent more than a half hour on the phone while the customer service staff debated whether or not they would provide an exchange for their broken product. First they said they would exchange, but were unhappy because I purchased it on sale. Then they called me back to say they wouldn’t take it back after all.


Given that, I decided to invest in a similar product from another brand, which I haven’t had any issues with. Lesson learned. I won’t purchase a Silk’n product again.

Reviews from Youtube

A pretty girl upload 2 video, so that we could see the results.


Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5

With 10 intensity levels and a skin tone sensor, this IPL device claims to be the safest, fastest and most effective IPL in Braun’s range. The device offers 30% more flashes than its previous model, making it a long-lasting choice. It aims to treat both legs in less than five minutes at the lowest intensity level.

Reviews from amazon

5 star review


There was no pain, just a little sting at 1st but then i didn’t notice it.


I used mine whilst facing a mirror so i could see what i was doing, i have to admit though that the smell of burning hair was a little shocking at 1st, but the most disconcerting thing for me was seeing the smoke come off your face haha its like my face was on fire, I’m just joking it wasn’t that bad, but there were very visible tendrils of smoke coming from my face, i just thought cool, its working.


Anyway, the day after, i was surprised and relieved to discover i had no redness or itchiness and so i proceeded to do my armpits, again this was simple and easy to do, you must must shave 1st, it says 1 minute per underarm, but i definitely did more than that, at least 2 minutes each side, but like i said im hairy.


Anyway 2 weeks after 1st treatment i can see visible results, i was shocked actually, don’t get me wrong its only about 20% of the hair but what has happened for me is that i have found that instead of plucking out the hairs and having them be tugged out like they were stuck in concrete, i can literally pull them out with my fingertips with no resistance, however like i said, its not every hair but about 20%.


It hasn’t slowed down my growth in any way and so on i went with my 2nd treatment. This time i was a little more aggressive with my applications to my face and spent a good 10 minutes flashing away. Now this is not recommended but I’m just being honest about what i did.


As i was in the zone, i also did my fingers and toes.


2 weeks after that treatment i am up to around 30% effectiveness, but only on my lip, chin and neck, and some of the hair just fell out by itself when it had grown to a mm. I still pluck every day but this is now down to about 20 minutes, on that alone its been amazing.


I have not noticed any difference so far in the armpit area but as that is so thick and coarse i imagine it is going to take months to see visible results.


Lets be frank, the groin area isn't the easiest place to put a razor let alone a bigish IPL device and I’m going to be honest i found it really difficult.


The top of the vaginal area was pretty easy as you can just stand in front of a mirror pull the groin skin tight and flash away, the problem comes when you need to go down to the vaginal opening and further back. It is absolutely impossible to be able to do this yourself, there is just no way , unless you are double jointed or a contortionist anyway. I tried lying down on the floor with my legs up as far as i could get them and face the mirror but i just couldn't do it, i had to ask my other half if he would help me, and he flat out refused to do it, he said it was totally gross lol


I tried for an hour but i just cant do it, so the only place i could get to use it was in the crease line between the vagina and the groin. For gods sake whatever you do, dont make the mistake i did and think you can do it on the inside flap of the labia because you might cry, or swear a lot, i cannot tell you the words that came out of my mouth, so don't try it, not advisable.


Overall i am extremely impressed with this, it does show visible results, but you do have to do it every 2 weeks to maintain it and stop the hair growing back.


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1 star review


Used the product for 6 weeks. First few weeks were fine - little to no result. After week 4 I noticed bruising from where I had used the laser. The hair growth had seemed to go down so I carried on as there was no pain. Now at week six it’s 3 days after my last treatment and I have developed hives all over my legs. They got progressively worse over the last 24 hours. I am in a lot of pain and discomfort. This product is just not worth it. I would definitely not recommend buying this product. I don’t even have sensitive skin and this has happened. There is no information online on how to deal with this reaction either.


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Reviews from Reddit

Not sure where you're located because the prices of these devices vary largely by country. I've not used Philips but I do own the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5, which I have liked a lot. It has contact and skin tone sensors. The contact sensor makes sure you can't set off the laser unless it's made full contact with your skin. The skin tone sensor adjusts the strength of the laser so that you don't end up accidentally burning yourself. I'm recommending this because it's cheaper than the Philips where I'm at.


I use the brain silk expert 5. It did not get rid of my hair completely, but I don’t get ingrown hairs anymore which was totally worth it for me. My hair regrowth is very slow and quite frankly, I think my legs look awesome. If you have fair skin and dark hair, go for it.


I’ve been using the IPL device since December ( 2020 ) and my legs probably need attention every 2-3 weeks, and my bikini area is still weekly. I don’t mind so much having to still do hair removal as it’s a lot more manageable now and like I said, no ingrown hairs.

Reviews from Youtube

Videos contain hair removal before and after.


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